Our specialists


Americo De Almeida
Partner(Registered Quantity Surveyor)

Americo is a versatile and accomplished Quantity Surveyor with over 19 years experience in the construction industry and a proven track record in project management and supervision.
Equally adept in managing small scale and multi-million dollar projects in the private and public sectors, he has achieved excellence in Quality Assurance, Contractual Law and financial strategy while maintaining the highest level of standards. With a wealth of technical and commercial skills acquired over the years, he has demonstrated the ability to provide or source creative solutions that enhance a clients objectives when investing in the built environment. Mr De Almeida’s leadership has proven invaluable in helping guide AIJ to become one of the premier firms in the country.

Isak Nahum
Partner (Registered Quantity Surveyor)

Isak is a results driven and resourceful Quantity Surveyor with over 19 years experience in the built environment. His ability to perform in a fast paced environment and meet tight deadlines has seen him excell while managing and supervising multi-million dollar infrastructure projects. A great communicator, Isak understands the inherent value in construction projects and works tirelessly to ensure this is maximised for the clients benefit. His attention to detail and pragmatic approach makes him a valuable asset on any infrastructure project and the right professional to have in your corner. Mr. Nahum is a key driver in AIJ’s growth as a leading project cost consultancy.

Jorik Botha
Partner(Registered Quantity Surveyor)

Jorik is a qualified Quantity Surveyor and Project Management professional with over 21 years experience in pre and post construction management projects. He has gained extensive experience in projects ranging from infrastructure, oil and gas, Civil and Earthworks, Office and Commercial building developments. Meticulous in nature, Jorik is skilled in minimizing the costs of a project and enhancing value for money, while still maintaining high standards of quality. Posessing excellent foresight and the ability to analyze and intepret a client’s vision, Jorik is instrumental in assessing a clients needs and presenting the best possible solution. Mr. Botha’s approach is one of the founding principles this dynamic and ambitious company has been built on.